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As we all know that ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most important software for any business and implementing it smoothly is another important task. At Globalteckz being official OpenERP - Odoo partners we offer our clients complete end to end solutions towards Odoo development, Odoo customization till final support. Since Odoo customization or implementation are complex sometimes based on the requirements and workflows of clients business we also offer an option to Hire Dedicated Odoo developer for the project. This option of hiring Odoo ERP developer comes in with low cost pricing and company can provide as much as task needed based on the requirements; Including complex requirements.

Globalteckz (OpenERP) Odoo Experience

At Globalteckz we have expert resource ranging from 6+ years to 1+ year of experience only working with Odoo solution. Our team has successfully worked on OpenERP version 5, 6, 6.1, 7, 8 and the latest Odoo 9.

Globalteckz has successfully completed more than 50+ Odoo implementation across the globe.

Our team located in India consist of Odoo Project Managers, Odoo Sr. Developers, Odoo Quality testers, Odoo Developers and so on . .  as an option to choose to complete all your Odoo related task.

For powerful communications our Odoo team work in multiple time zones as per client requirements.

Our Odoo team is specifically worked on verticals such as Manufacturing including Advance and complex manufacturing projects, ERP for Trading Business, Service industries & eCommerce businesses.

From Business requirement analysis, Development, Odoo Customization, till Support you get everything under one roof by Hiring Globalteckz Odoo developers.

How Globalteckz Team helps you with Odoo software.

Implementing Odoo ERP software needs powerful and sound experience. And if you implement Odoo ERP successfully it can make wonders to your business by automating every business departments. Today Odoo is one of the leading Open source ERP software available in the market and first choice if looking out for low cost ERP solution. “Quality and Successful Projects” is what Globalteckz motive is the day when our team initiated with this company. We take a step forward to thrive for this motive for every small or big Projects we undertake.

Hiring Globalteckz Odoo developer ensures; you get best of industry skills and experiences that offer you with powerful standard of python coding that can be understand easily even by low experience developers.

Our Odoo team helps you with the following

Business Requirements Analysis – Onsite / off shore –

You can hire Odoo Project Manager and Functional experts for Odoo ERP Business requirement Analysis or Documentation – Business Requirement Document helps you to get proper list of duties, workflow of your current departments and a path to optimize it during the actual ERP implementation.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation services are nothing but complete end to end services which will initiate from Business requirement analysis till the support on the project. Hiring Odoo dedicated resource for Odoo implementation make sure your ERP processes are optimized fully during development stage.

Odoo Customization

Our Odoo resource helps you with customization including simple which is addition in fields, workflows, business processes, forms or complex such as developing a whole new module from scratch which is not available in Odoo.

 3rd party integrations

We have many 3rd party connectors that communicate with 3rd party tools or your existing business tools, some of the 3rd party tools we have created is for Amazon.com, Magento, Prestashop, UPS, USPS, FedEx, QuickBooks etc. this make sure your existing tools which is more user friendly are on their place without disturbing a particular department. 3rd party tool integration also make sure you have everything in one single software that is Odoo. For further modifications in 3rdparty connector you can leverage by hiring our Odoo Developers.

Odoo Support

As we said that we offer end to end Odoo services, you can hire our Odoo resource for support which ensures your Odoo is running smoothly 24/7. Our team almost works 20 hours a day in shifts and can be reach immediately via skype or emails.

Odoo Technical & Functional Training

Globateckz also offer Odoo technical and functional training incase anyone wants to learn Odoo platform for their internal organizational purposes. We divide the Training curriculum in such a way that you can learn Odoo without disturbing your core working. Odoo technical training and functional training is divided into basics and Advance phases that can be leverage by hiring dedicated resource.

Odoo Consultancy/ Business Requirements Analysis

 Odoo Consultancy and Business Requirement Analysis is another area which Globalteckz team offers to its clients who don’t know where to initiate with Odoo implementation. Our team personally visits your place and understand all your business processes from different department, based on which we prepare a Business requirement Document that becomes helpful while implementing Odoo or any other software.

Odoo Onsite development

Globalteckz also offers you with Onsite development during Odoo implementation - Onsite development make sure project is rolled out quickly as the communication become fast being working in the client office.

Odoo Version Migration

We have recently successfully migrated our Odoo clients from version 6 to version 8 including the old modules, databases etc.

Being official Odoo Partner we ensure to make every Odoo Implementation successful for our clients be it small enterprise or Big organizations.

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Note on Dedicated Odoo Resource

Odoo Dedicated resource hiring means that the resource who is hired from Globalteckz team will perform list of task and duties exclusive to the client project ie : One Project One Resource.

At Globalteckz we are official Odoo partners and have successfully implemented Odoo version 8 and 9 for our clients across the globe, including extreme customization in the core module to make sure the workflows and business processes are running as per client’s requirements. Our team has also experienced working with Odoo version 7, 6, and 5 when it was called as OpenERP.

Our Odoo implementation includes verticals such as Trading organizations, Services, Manufacturing with Advance Manufacturing stages and eCommerce merchants who sells their products via different Online shops. Our Team at Mumbai location includes various employees ranging the experience from 1 to 7 years in Odoo Implementation and Customization.

We have set up different software methodology based on the client’s requirements to ensure Odoo implementation is smooth with no hassle and delivered on time based on the requirements.

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We offer Odoo resource at a very cost effective pricing compare to time and material based pricing or fixed bid pricing. Hiring Odoo resource offers you more flexibility in the development areas.

For more information you can email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or fill up the enquiry form – our team will reach to you within 12 hours of time.

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